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05 Dec 2022
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3 Common Health Conditions in Seniors

When entering old age, you must be aware of common physiological changes your body goes through, such as hearing loss, weaker muscle strength, and eyesight problems. These changes are normal, and you can always prevent them. This article will discuss the common health problems that come with aging and what you can do to control it.

1.Hearing Loss

Suppose you are talking to your grandparents, but they want you to speak louder because they can not hear you. In that case, know that it is time that your grandparents get hearing aids. Hearing loss is the most common condition associated with old age. Age-related hearing problems are a gradual process, and they affect both ears equally.

A fast and effective solution to hearing problems is hearing-aids. These work as amplifiers that receive sound and convert it into a magnified digital signal. Hair cells further generate a neural signal which travels to the brain so you can hear an amplified sound. In Canada, there are plenty of places that provide hearing aids and accessories, such as HearCanada.

2.Involuntary Loss of Muscle strength

Loss of muscle strength can also accompany aging. In medical terms, this is called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is skeletal muscle degeneration that appears at the age of 40 and continues to increase as you grow older. Doctors suggest two solutions to prevent excessive muscle loss: physical exercises and adequate nutrition.

Physicians conducted a study on the benefits of high protein intake for sarcopenia. The study found that taking 30-90 grams of high-quality protein can slow down sarcopenic muscle loss. This is because a high nutrition intake is directly proportional to fast protein synthesis in your body that strengthens your muscles.

Resistance exercises, on the other hand, are a great way to control sarcopenia. These exercises train your muscles to adapt to the increased stress applied to them. Hospitals offer resistance exercise therapies and recommend that you take three to four sessions per week for a fast result.


Seniors are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes due to the malfunctioning of pancreatic islets. The pancreatic cells are responsible for synthesizing insulin that controls blood sugar levels. However, their abilities may depreciate over time. In addition, bodies also develop resistance to insulin over time, worsening the condition.

If you have age-related diabetes, doctors suggest you exercise daily, lose weight and have a proper diet. You may also have to resort to insulin therapy or medication if the above remedies do not help. Taking early precautions is better because diabetes can be fatal if left unattended. It affects your heart, eyes, nerves, and kidneys, subsequently leading to severe complications. Diabetic patients also lose weight very quickly, which can worsen sarcopenia.


Aging is always associated with adversity. However, growing old is a beautiful process. You acquire wisdom and grace throughout your years. While the above conditions are natural, it does not mean you cannot control them. Some of these conditions may appear early in life if you are ignorant of preventive healthcare. Just try to have a healthy diet with adequate carbs, proteins, and fats. Make sure you do not give up exercise. Seek help immediately if you feel like your senses are deteriorating.

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