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05 Dec 2022

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential. Carpet maintenance is not easy. Within its fibers, germs, bacteria, hair, insects and dirt of all kinds lurk very easily, penetrating deeper and deeper day after day. For this reason, frequent cleaning and regular vacuuming by a house cleaning Atlanta service or similar service in your location is always recommended to ensure that the carpet does not damage irreparably, as well as to prevent it from becoming a vehicle of disease, thus seriously endangering human health.

Carpet cannot be washed like any other floor, nor can it be removed. To clean it, therefore, specific knowledge is required. Often the best thing is to rely on a professional cleaning service.

Visit for one of the best cleaning services. Here are some practical tips on how to clean carpet:

  • To get started, use a vacuum cleaner
  • Aspirate slowly and deeply
  • Vacuum several times
  • Dab stubborn stains with a damp cloth
  • Wash the surface with a natural detergent
  • Ventilate the house and allow the carpet to dry completely
  • Give the vacuum cleaner one last time

Carpets hide many secrets, and many cleaning techniques are of interest to it. We have explained some of them here, but the more in-depth ones require experienced staff and adequate equipment.

Why Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpet is undoubtedly a refined choice for your floors, and keeping it clean is essential to preserve its characteristics. However, much dedication one may dedicate to it, a home wash will never give the same results as one performed with professional equipment and products. If you are wondering why to choose a professional carpet cleaning service, we list the advantages that this choice entails.

Why choose a professional carpet cleaning service for your home? Here are the advantages

The choice of a professional house cleaning Atlanta service is always indicated to obtain impeccable results. Specifically, when it comes to carpeting, there are a few benefits to consider:

  • respect for the material;
  • deep cleansing;
  • long-term sanitation
  • the anti-mite treatment.

Respect for the material

Carpet washing is particular, and without the necessary skills and experience, you risk doing damage. Before proceeding with washing or removing stains, it is good to make sure that the products used are compatible with the type of fiber and sometimes carry out tests to avoid damaging the fabrics. The choice of a professional always guarantees the success of the procedure.

Deep cleansing

The carpeted floor tends to accumulate much more dirt than normal floors, and unlike the latter, it accumulates in-depth and not only on the surface. To obtain an impeccable result, professional carpet cleaners use the injection and extraction method, which allows you to penetrate deeply into the fibers without leaving any residue in the surrounding environment.

Long-term sanitation

As thorough as home cleaning may be, products available outside the professional sphere do not allow for a long-term seal. The use of professional products, on the other hand, ensures that the sanitizing action lasts over time, limiting the formation of bacteria even several days after the treatment.

The anti-mite treatment

Most professional carpet cleaning services include a final treatment that serves to make the environment hostile to the formation of mites. In this way, even in the long term, you can rest assured and avoid the formation of unwanted guests!

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is one of the most comfortable and elegant coverings for a floor.

It is used in residential and commercial spaces as it is considered an excellent insulator. A carpet can be a den for dust, germs and bacteria. For this reason, constant cleaning and sanitation is necessary to prevent the growth of mites and the eventual fermentation of organic residues and unpleasant odors.

If your carpet has suffered from stains from drinks, food, etc., we suggest that you avoid maintaining the dirt situation for days and instead treat it as soon as possible. The passage of time, the effects of sunlight, the passage of shoes and other stains that can fall on the texture make cleaning significantly difficult.

In general, it must be taken into account that, especially in commercial spaces, carpets can by nature become filled with dirt, dust or mites if minimal maintenance services are not performed. Therefore, a carpet washing and cleaning service is very important to extend the life of the carpets and make them look new over the years.

A carpet cleaning service is delicate and requires experience and preparation, which is why in choosing who carries out the service, you must be very careful and know the type of treatment that will be reserved for the carpet.

Why Cleaning Your Office Carpet is Important?

Rugs have become an essential decorative element, as they bring color, warmth and comfort to spaces. In addition, they are useful for reducing noise, which makes them appreciated in offices, restaurants and buildings, where they try to eliminate the noise of constant footsteps of people.

However, carpets are made of textile fibers, so they tend to accumulate dust and bacteria, even more so in the winter months, when people bring damp dirt onto their shoes and end up making the carpet dirtier. For this reason, they need treatment.

There are two main types of carpets; carpets which are fixed carpets welded to the floor with some type of glue that covers the entire surface, and those with removable covers, which are the carpets that are usually placed in the entrances. Where to insert the newly decided entrances, and how to consider the question of the temporary reintegration of the sanitary equipment? We do not know where it is inserted or how

When it comes to cleaning and washing carpets for commercial use, it should be considered that depending on the material, professional washing will be required, as fine fabrics such as Persian, Belgian or Chinese rugs and even hand-woven wool cannot be washed in a washing machine. In these cases, a professional carpet cleaning service is required, which does a thorough job.

Only a deep wash will remove allergens and bacteria, improving air quality.

How to Deal with Common Types of Carpet Stains

Even for those who are always attentive to the cleaning of their carpets, an accident is always around the corner. Although to obtain optimal results, the best choice is always to contact a professional. There are cases in which it is good to remove the stain in time. Has the dog seen fit to do it on the carpet? Did your child spill his drink? Did any red wine inadvertently spill on the carpet? Don’t panic! Here’s how to intervene on the different types of stains!

Sugary drinks

To eliminate the sugar residues that would be sticky, the first thing to do is to dry the stain. Proceed with plenty of kitchen paper, continuing to change it and dab until there is no more liquid to absorb. At this point, start to rub lightly with a sponge soaked in warm water and soap. Alternatively, neutral hand soap will work as well. After soaping, proceed with rinsing using the same sponge soaked in water and rubbing lightly, repeatedly until it no longer foams. Wipe off excess water with a clean towel and let it dry naturally.

Beer, wine or coffee: a tough nut to crack for carpet stain removal

Again, the first thing to do is dry. However, the risk of these stains is that the tannins and highly coloring substances present can create permanent stains. An excellent expedient is fine salt: sprinkle the entire stain with salt and dab lightly to ensure that it absorbs as much as possible then, when the salt is colored, remove it and repeat the operation. Continue like this until the stain no longer releases color, then proceed with washing as for the soda stains.

Droppings of animals or children

The first thing to do is to eliminate solid excrements and remove liquid residues by dabbing with plenty of absorbent paper. At this point, you can proceed with washing: with a sponge soaked in hot water and dish soap, dab and rinse several times. Once washing is finished, you can proceed with sanitation: carefully dab the stain with a solution of water and citric acid or acetic acid (lemon, white wine vinegar, apple vinegar or rice vinegar) diluted to 15%. For an even better result, odors can be eliminated by applying bicarbonate to be left on overnight after the stain is completely dry.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is the most effective way to get rid of these tough stains. They have the right tools and expertise to restore the condition of your carpet.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Works

Anyone who loves a clean home, regardless of size, knows how important it is to regularly clean carpets. Professional service is not limited to the removal of stains and external dirt but penetrates deeply, ensuring the hygiene of the whole environment. But what is the procedure that is followed?

What are the operations carried out during a professional carpet cleaning

During this type of service, a series of operations are carried out aimed at cleaning and sanitizing the carpet, with the aim of making the fibers completely sanitized while respecting their nature and aesthetic qualities.

  1. Removal of surface dirt: the carpet is beaten over the entire surface and on both sides to remove the outermost dirt such as human skin residues and animal hair.
  2. Dust extraction: through the use of professional equipment, the dust is extracted in-depth, eliminating even the most penetrated grains. Suction is carried out to get rid of impurities.
  3. Deep cleaning of the fibers: through the use of professional equipment, experts proceed with the injection and extraction method to disinfect and sanitize the fibers, dissolving the dirt encrusted inside and then “sucking” it outside.
  4. Dry cleaning by removing the deepest dirt, which predisposes to the development of harmful microorganisms such as moths
  5. Drying: the
  6. carpet clean is essential carpet is completely dried at temperatures suitable for the respect of the fibers, avoiding the remaining trapped humidity, which could make it an ideal habitat for molds and bacteria. It is performed manually with absorbent materials such as paper to maintain the hygiene of the carpet or mechanically.
  7. Mechanical ventilation that maintains the appropriate temperatures in all types of materials.
  8. Finishing: the last phase involves the application of deodorants and the anti-mite treatment, with the aim of keeping the carpet clean is essential over time. Preventive treatment for insects is essential in ensuring your carpet is in a perfect state all the time.

Taking into account all these processes, the long life of the carpets that complement the office furniture can be guaranteed. To favor their duration, manufacturers recommend washing the carpets at least once a year or according to the frequency of passage.

How long does professional carpet cleaning last?

Carpet cleaning involves a series of operations that vary according to a series of parameters. In particular, the size of the fabric and the type of fiber influence the timing. If thinner and synthetic rugs can be treated more quickly, in fact, for thicker rugs with natural fibres, perhaps colored and hand-worked, the treatment time is certainly longer.

Stubborn dirt accumulates on textile surfaces, but mites, bacteria and even heavy metals also hide. Also, whether it’s the environment, wet shoes or air-conditioned environments, our rugs will tend to accumulate moisture. And this humidity will lead to the generation of mold and bad smell, so a deep cleaning of the carpet is essential, which includes disinfectant and the use of high-temperature steam that will help eliminate these microorganisms and, thanks to the action of professional machinery, will suck humidity at the end of the process.

Any chemicals or toxins released into the air can adhere to the fibers, and this causes carpets to spoil the air or even make us sick. This is why it is essential to disinfect them professionally and choose the treatment based on the environment in which it is positioned.

Look for a professional carpet cleaning service that has been in the industry for some time and Carpet Cleaning is Essential has the right tools and expertise to disinfect your carpets. You can do your research or check online reviews that will guide you in choosing the best carpet cleaner.

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