How To Clean Fleshlight – Full Overview 2021

How To Clean Fleshlight – No, the Kleenex isn’t for the Fleshlight – it’s for you. Cleaning the Fleshlight takes a little more than a quick wipe or two. Open the small-cap all the way and remove the sleeve; if there’s a little gunk on the case, it can remain wiped off. The important part is cleaning the sleeve.

The Short Version How To Clean Fleshlight

Run warm water through the sleeve. Don’t use soap or other chemicals. (Optional) Fleshlight has an excellent cleaner that will remove and kill any particles that the water doesn’t get.

Leave the sleeve out to dry, ideally with some airflow, such as a fan or window.

(Optional) To speed up the drying procedure and remove any sticky feeling, use Fleshlights renewing powder.

Store in a calm and dark place. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause degradation of the silicone, and the sun’s rays can also hurt the silicone if left out for many days.

The Long Version How To Clean Fleshlight

First things first: do not use soap (and don’t use a dishwasher). Any soap will cause the sleeve’s material to break down and render it useless. Run warm water through it until it’s clean. That may not sound hygienic, but it will do the job. If you’re still concerned, Fleshlight makes an antibiotic cleaning spray that might make you feel better.

After washing, don’t just put the sleeve back in the case and put the Fleshlight away. If it’s still wet, you’ll end up with mold and mildew issues. Leave the sleeve out to dry on its own, ideally in a cool, dry room with a fan blowing on it if necessary. When the sleeve’s completely dry, you’re ready for another go. If you’ve bought multiple sleeves, naturally, you won’t have to wait.

Regular use of a Fleshlight will keep it pretty much in its original state. If you don’t use it for a while, though, the sleeve can start to dry out and get sticky. The best solution is to coat it gently with Fleshlight Renewing Powder (or corn starch), which will restore it to near-new condition.

Why Should Fleshlights Be Cleaned? How To Clean Fleshlight

Well, gentlemen, most of you can probably skip this section and gladly clear your Fleshlight after every use. Yes, that’s right: after every use. A few persons out there might need a little extra persuasion to make the slightly lengthy cleaning regimen part of their user routine.

The Superskin on the Fleshlight thru of mineral oil is only compatible with water-based lubricants. Combining that type of lubricant with human secretions and bacteria and other microorganisms from the human skin, such as mold, makes for a perfect little micro-ecosystem for creepy crawlies to thrive.

If that needs further clarification, the inside of the Fleshlight might become moldy, and it may start harboring pathogenic bacteria, and the user may end up with a nasty infection. Not ideal.

Reviving a Fleshlight How To Clean Fleshlight

After a few uses, the Fleshlight skin might become tacky. It is perfectly normal, and the company has produced a powder termed Fleshlight Renewer Powder. To revive the sleeve to its old feel;

  1. Make sure the sleeve is completely dry.
  2. Add some of the powder to the inside and outside of the sleeve and spread it evenly around
  3. Leave on for a while and shake off any excess powder before the subsequent use

There is a hack here; according to users on the internet, the Renewer powder is 100% corn starch. It can remain bought in any grocery store. However, it does come in a rather large container compared to the official product. Our suggestion: buy one batch of original Fleshlight Renewal Powder, then if you feel the price of a new one is too steep, fill the old container with corn starch.

If you don’t find the two are different, keep using the corn starch for its affordability. If you feel a difference, you can always return to the original product knowing it was worth the extra price.

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