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03 Dec 2022
Fitness Tips

Exercise to get rid of Saddlebags quickly

Workout Motivation – Getting Rid of Saddlebags Trying to find inner motivation, and it’s not just about pure vanity, it’s about having fun too, right? If you have the joy of working out and ditching the saddlebags, you’ve at least found a way to start.

This article will show you some simple exercises to help you progress towards a more motivated, healthier version of yourself. Change starts from within. If you would like to know how to remove saddlebags, also known as outer thighs, this article is for you.

Now let’s start with how to get rid of saddlebags. Let’s go.

Four Exercises to quickly Burn Saddlebags

Half-shell Hinge

The guy is lying on his side, aiming his saddlebags. First, lie on your side as if you are about to fall asleep and make sure your body is straight. Place your arm behind your head closest to the ground to stabilize your body. Your other hand can be placed flat on the floor or on your hip, whichever works best for you.

Ensure both of your feet’ healings stay together and start separating your knees so that your lower half takes on a triangular shape. Keep separating your knees, making sure to keep your ankles together with your chest and pelvis pointing forward.

In this exercise, you are using your outer hamstrings, and your goal is to keep them in control as you lift your leg and hold your ankles together. The following exercises will burn as you are not used to performing these movements, but these are the very things that will help you get rid of those saddlebags.

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Half Leg Lift

Woman trains to shrink saddlebags In this exercise, you want to try to stay stable, not rock, and focus on your movements as you make them. Remember not to be in a rush. Otherwise, you won’t get all of the benefits of this exercise.

First, lie on your side and lift your top half so that your arms support you, as shown in the picture. Next, make sure your legs are lined up on top of each other. Then lift the leg you have on top to form a 90-degree angle and place it back on the other leg.

Keep on the ground, and don’t rock back and forth. As you lift your leg towards the sky, try to engage your stomach by keeping your core tight. This way you can train several things at the same time. Remember to switch sides so that you are targeting all of your saddlebags and not just one side.

Side Leg Elevation

Woman Lying on Side Doing Leg Lifts to Aim for Saddlebags To start, lie on your side with your hand under your head to support yourself, making sure the side of you that touches the ground is completely flat. As you do this exercise, make sure your side does not lift off the floor.

You can do this by controlling your movements, not without enthusiasm. First of all, focus on the purpose of these exercises.

To make the exercise even more intense, you can slow down your movements by lowering your leg each time. It will also involve your heart, and you will feel the burn much more than the standard version.

Make sure to switch sides so that both sides of your body get the same results. Remember, as the workout becomes more challenging to stay centred, don’t allow your form to become distorted. If this seems complicated, breathe out, stay engaged, and continue counting your set instead of moving.


Thigh Bags Almost anyone can start to get rid of thigh bags by following the four simple exercises described above. These exercises are very flexible and can help you avoid injury.

Review Exercise to get rid of Saddlebags quickly.

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