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ADAMS COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Adams County Health Department Quincy Il


Adams County Health Department Quincy Il – Develop, protect and promote the conditions of a healthy community through prevention, education, leadership, and response.


By maintaining an able public health workforce and improving the public health system, the Adams County Health Department will create the conditions in which the community can be healthy and empower people to make decisions.



With the great choice, the Adams County Health Unit is presenting our 2018 Annual Report, which contains essential information about the programs and activities of your local health unit. 2018 has been a year of exciting accomplishments, including the Adams County Dental Clinic merger with the Family Medicine Center (FQHC) at Southern Illinois University (SIU), a new food safety inspection process that standardized Adams County with the FDA. The Federal Food Code; and the continuation of popular community events like smile at Kids and John Wood Community College’s Drive-ThruFlu event.

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The Wellness Express went live this year. We are pleased to partner with Blessing Health System, United Way Adams County, and the University of Illinois Extension to present the 2018 Community Assessment of Adams County’s Strengths, Strengths, Needs, and Challenges. It was also a year of challenges that will guide our work for the future. Sexually transmitted diseases continue to increase in our community, and Adams County’s obesity rate continues to be above the state average. These challenges allow us to improve partnerships and community initiatives and lead to new educational campaigns, awareness events, and other initiatives to drive improvement.

As 2019 approaches, we are delighted to continue to provide quality local public health service to this great community.

The Adams County Dental Clinic Adams County Health Department Quincy Il

The Adams County Health Department Dental Clinic provides more than 10,000 patient visits each year to residents of our county. The program includes a robust oral health diagnosis and prevention program and a full range of dental services. Including restorative procedures, endodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery if required. In 2014, we began providing sealants to Quincy Public Schools and continued our partnership with Blessing Health System to connect people with oral emergencies with our clinical providers.

Our collaboration with local oral health providers provides Adams and surrounding counties with the ‘Give Kids A Smile program every February during Oral Health Awareness Month, serving approximately 150 children in one. Just day. 2017 was the eleventh year of this valuable program.

Reading: A Healthy Habit Adams County Health Department Quincy Il

In 2013, following a community health assessment, the Department intensified its efforts to strengthen relationships with partner organizations. To implement community improvement projects that link health, income, and education. Through a partnership with United Way Adams County, Blessing Health System, Regional Education Office # 1, Quincy Public Library. And many other public partners, a significant number of Community Solutions Teams have been formed. To address Adams County’s most critical challenges. Among these solutions emerged the Ready, Set, Grow project, which now includes the ministry’s Reading: A Healthy Habit program. This program offers children thousands of light-use books. Services for children and families.

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The Adams County Health Department lead agency covers eight counties, including Adams, Brown, Calhoun, Greene, Ancock, Jersey, Pike, and Schuyler. 167 cases closed to HealthWorks 173 new open HealthWorks cases (13.5% less than in 2017) 54 cases transferred to the service area 48 points assigned out of the service area Reading. A healthy habit reaches the ministry for public health services, new books for parents of babies who participate in our family case management home visiting program, and volunteers who read to parents and children in the waiting rooms of our area clinics. Since the program’s start, around 25,000 books have been delivered to children in the region!

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