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05 Dec 2022

What Makes The Data Cycle Useful – Detail Summary Report

What Makes The Data Cycle Useful – Detail Summary Report

What Makes The Data Cycle Useful – Main Description

  • It will help you to get a significant part of data from market
  • It will help you get the best from your competitor
  • And also, it will help you to get details about other users on the site
  • It presents collected data in a visually appealing way

Definition – What Makes The Data Cycle Useful

What Makes The Data Cycle Useful

What Makes The Data Cycle Useful  – Data cycle remains used to analyze, make important decisions, and optimize the different marketing activities. You can use the data collected from specific marketing activities and use that data to explore what works and what’s not. It helps you optimize the marketing activity to make more money by spending less.

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What Makes The Data Cycle Useful

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The data cycle is the series of episodes when a particular data goes through the first generation.

Detail Description:

What Makes The Data Cycle Useful – Although specifics vary, data management experts often identify six or more stages in the data life cycle. Here’s one example:

  • Generation or capture: In this phase, data enters an organization, typically through data entry, acquisition from an external source, or reception of signals, such as data transmitted by sensors.
  • Maintenance: In this phase, the data process before use. Data can remain exposed to integration, cleansing, and extract-transform-load (ETL) processes.
  • Active Use – In this phase, data used to support the goals and operations of the organization.
  • Publication: In this phase, the data is not necessarily made available to the general public but sent outside the organization. Publishing may or may not be part of the lifecycle of a particular data unit.
  • Archiving – Data deletes from all active production environments in this phase. It is no longer processed, used or published, but stored in a case it needs again in the future.
  • Purge – In this phase, all data copies are deleted. It usually done with data already archived.

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