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07 Oct 2022

How to Shape Eyebrows for the First Time perfect

Tips for shaping your eyebrows with makeup

Like all facial features, eyebrows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nobody’s eyebrows look the same. The natural shape of your eyebrows and face should form the basis of how you manipulate your eyebrows and apply the product to them. If you’re not sure how to create the perfect shape for your eyebrows, read on to learn how to properly shape your eyebrows every time.

1. Fill before picking

Before you approach your eyebrows with tweezers, fill them in first. This step may seem a bit backwards, but it can be extremely helpful in giving you a guideline for your choices and in helping you determine where to choose and where to not before it’s too late.

2. Use wax first

Before plucking your eyebrows, you must also apply a clear wax to your eyebrows. Comb the wax through your eyebrows and shape them with the eyebrow comb. Wax helps your eyebrows stay in place and maintain the shape you want, making it easier for you to tell which hair to pluck.

3. Consider the shape of your face

The shape of your face is an important factor in shaping your eyebrows. Always you’re to complement the shape of your face.
If you have a round face, you should shape your eyebrows with a high rounded arch. Women with square faces should stick to a very neat arch. On heart-shaped faces, slightly rounded eyebrows look better. Straight eyebrows with a slight arch complement oval faces.

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4. Analyze your natural eyebrows

Another important point to consider before using tweezers on your eyebrows is the natural shape of your eyebrows. When you have thick, beefy eyebrows, you have more leeway to sculpt your eyebrows. You can dramatically change the shape of bolder eyebrows without completely removing your eyebrows. Just be sure to choose a shape that looks natural with your face.
For thinner, sparse eyebrows, don’t try to change their shape too drastically. Use the tweezers to gently brush your eyebrows. Plucking thin eyebrows can be extremely easy, which can be disastrous. You should only pluck the hair that is out of place.

5. Try different shapes

When you have time, try out different eyebrow shapes with an eyebrow pencil. Pick a few different shapes that are close to the natural shape of your eyebrows and draw them on your eyebrows. This tip can help you determine the shape you prefer and provide you with an indication of the shape of your browbones in the future.

6. Use a magnifying mirror

When plucking your eyebrows, always use a magnifying mirror to get a close look at your eyebrows. Perfectly, the mirror you use will overstate about five times. Magnified mirrors can increase the risk of over-pinching, while mirrors with less magnification can prevent you from seeing the individual hairs on your eyebrows that you need to pluck.

7. Take a step back

After each plucked hair, step back from your magnifying mirror and examine your eyebrows from a different angle. This step can lengthen your grooming process a bit, but it’s an important way to see your eyebrows from a new perspective and avoid plucking them.

Review How to Shape Eyebrows for the First Time perfect.

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