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07 Oct 2022

How to Cure Finger Nail Fungus Fastly with these Remedies

Besides being embarrassing and unsightly, nail fungus can be a difficult task to eliminate. Conventional topical treatments are generally not effective because they do not penetrate deep into the nail bed where the fungus is growing. Likewise, antifungal drugs have a myriad of side effects.

What Reasons Fungal Nails and What Are Some of the Risk Factors?

In normal, healthy people, fungal nail infections most often cause by fungi caught in damp, damp areas. Communal showers, such as in a gym or swimming pool, are common sources. You are visiting nail salons where instruments (like hair clippers, files, and feet) are not correctly clean, and living with family members with fungal nails is also a risk factor. Athletes are more susceptible to nail fungus. It believes to be due to wearing tight, sweaty shoes associated with repetitive trauma to the toenails. If you have an athlete’s foot, the more likely the fungus is to infect your nails. Repeated trauma also weakens the nail, making it more vulnerable to fungal infections.

The elderly and those with certain underlying illnesses are also at higher risk. Anything that affects your immune system can cause you to get infected with the fungus. These include AIDS, diabetes, cancer, psoriasis, or the use of immunosuppressive drugs such as steroids.

Nail fungus

Fortunately, there is a natural remedy made up of readily available ingredients – baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Many pathogens, including fungi, can only survive in a minimal pH range. While baking soda is very basic, vinegar is very acidic.

This composition is beneficial in disrupting the pH of the pathogen’s environment, resulting in healthier and clearer nails.

What you want to get rid of nail fungus:

Big pool

Baking soda

Hot water

Several cups of apple cider vinegar

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Pour the apple cider vinegar into the basin. It should be enough to cover your nails.

Soak your feet in ACV for about 20 minutes

Dry your feet properly.

Put lukewarm water in the basin enough to cover your nails.

Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the water.

Then soak your feet for another 14 to 20 minutes.

Dry your feet properly.

Perform the treatment several times a day.

Consider exhausting open-toed shoes as fungi thrive in dark, humid environments.

Your nails should always be short, with well-cut cuticles. Also, brush your nails with tea tree lubricant every day to help fight nail fungus between treatments.

It would be greatest if you were patient, as it may take several weeks for the nail fungus to die off. It takes even longer for the affected areas of the nails to fully grow.

Are there any home remedies for nail fungus?

The internet is full of anecdotal information on how to cure nail fungus with home remedies. Vinegar is a commonly recommended home remedy. Some people also apply various oils such as tea tree oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and cedar leaf oil (like Vicks VapoRub) to their nails. The effectiveness of these home remedies is very questionable. The use of bleach and hydrogen peroxide is also not recommended as there is no evidence that these treatments work. These causes can also cause unwanted skin irritation. Thickened nails that have infected with the fungus can be challenging to cut. Using a topical urea cream will soften the nail and make it easier to cut. These creams do not require a prescription.

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