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03 Dec 2022

KRK Net Worth – Full Overview Report

KRK Net Worth 2021 –

KRK net worth in 2021 is $ 6 million. Kamaal Rashid Khan is an Indian actor, director, producer, writer, and entrepreneur. He is also known as KRK in the film industry. He is also well known for his controversial commentaries on films and sometimes famous Bollywood celebrities, and for this, KRK is known as the Controversial King. Today’s article will discuss KRK’s net worth, biography, and significant controversies.

KRK Net Worth

KRK net worth in 2021 is $ 6 million. Kamaal Rashid Khan is well-known as KRK. He is an Indian performer, producer, and writer and appeared on the Bigg Boss Show. Apart from this, KRK’s net worth is mainly dependent on its clothing import and export businesses, labor supply, and travel agencies in Dubai.

Kamaal Rashid Khan’s net worth also depends on the office he owns. We don’t know exactly what work was done there, but it plays a vital role at KRK Net Worth.

KRK Biography KRK Net Worth

KRK Biography KRK Net Worth

Kamaal Rashid Khan’s actual name is Rashid Khan, but he added Kamaal to his name. His birth date is January 1, 1975, in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh, India. Rashid Khan belongs to a family of Muslim origin and caste Pathan.

He completed his undergraduate studies at KALDAV College Roorkee. He then graduated from the university. Here, the university’s name was not revealed by sources.

It would be fair to say that Kamaal Rashid Khan has a significant growth mindset and knows how and when to play devices just because of this character. He is a successful businessman, producer, and writer in the Indian film industry, and Krk’s net worth is around Rs 42million.

KRK owns many clothing import and export companies, labor supply, and travel companies in Dubai.

He also owns a Kammal R khan YouTube channel, directs controversial reaction videos to almost every Indian movie and trailer, and primarily speaks sarcastically to model actors and actresses.

Moreover, the tweets’ comments on every current trend in India always stay in the highlights. Kamaal Khan is also an Indian film producer, and the name of his production house is KRK box office.

Career KRK Net Worth

Career KRK Net Worth

Kamaal Rashid Khan is a well-known entrepreneur with a net worth of Rs 42 million. Kamaal R Khan is also known because KRK owns a luxurious house in Dubai and kept his house name Jannat He still uploads photos to social media of his grand house and is seen partying with celebrities.

He also owns luxurious cars, Mercedes and Audi. Someone rightly says about KRK that “you love him or you hate him, but you can’t overlook him.”

Kamaal Rashid Khan ongoing his acting career in 2006 with the film debut Munna Pandey Brozgaar in 2006. KRK acted as a producer on the film Sitam in 2005. He is well known for Hindi and Bhojpuri films such as Deshdrohi, Sitam and appeared as a guest. In the villainous movie EK.

KRK appeared as a contender on Big Boss in 2009 and was later dismissed due to his offensive language. He is best known for his controversies, and people called him Controversial King. The famous producer-writer and entrepreneur.

Personal Information KRK Net Worth

Real Name:         Kamaal Rashid Khan

Nick Name:         KRK, Controversial King

Date of Birth: January 1, 1975

Height in Feet:    5 Feet 07 Inch

Net Worth 2021:              6 Million Dollars

Net Worth in Rupees:      42 Crore Rupees

Annual Income:                 3 Crore Rupees

Age:       46 Years

Profession:          Actor, Businessman

Wife:     Divorced

Daughter:            Farah Khan

Son:       Faisal Kamaal Khan

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