Korean Beauty Secrets and Skincare tips for Teenage Girl


Not only is having a great skincare regimen essential but making sure you maintain it is key. For this reason, consistency is always key. You want to make sure you continue your skin care regimen every day and be as constant as possible. It will ensure your skin always remains to look its very best.

Plus, the more persistent you are with your skincare, the better your skin will appear over time. It is not ever too late to start attractive good care of your skin. Your skin will continuously thank you by seeing and sensation its very best.

2.Double Cleansing

Yes, I said that proper double-cleansing. Koreans trust in washing your face not once but twice. The theory behind this is since we wear Makeup and our face tends to absorb dirt throughout the day, washing it one time is not enough. For this reason, they will pass their face once with a makeup removing cleanser.

3.Skipping Makeup for a Day or Two

If you have ever looked at a Korean Beauty woman, you will have noticed that they wear little to no makeup most of the time. The reason being Korean women believe your skin needs to breathe to look its very best, which is why they take skincare as such a huge deal. Meanwhile, they are not as fond of using Makeup every day.


Not only do Koreans trust in always having a new, clean face, but they also believe in using a cleanser to refresh your skin. The purpose of a toner is to close your pores shut, so anything you apply on top of your skin soaks deep inside your pores. The best cleanser will also tighten your skin and pores.


Cleansing and exfoliating help keep your skin clean. Korean Beauty believes a clean face is a key to having beautiful skin. When you exfoliate your skin, you are removing all dead skin cells and dirt from deep inside your pores. By taking away dead skin cells and dirt and impurities in your skin, you will be allowing your skin to look its very best.

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Hydration is important to young, clear, and well skin. Koreans have taken this to heart and will follow multiple steps to ensure their skin moisturize throughout the day. They will apply a rigorous regime that will ensure their skin is always hydrated and clean.

7.Apply SPF

It has traditionally know that the sun is highly damaging to the skin. Not only does it burn your skin from the inside out, but it causes premature wrinkles, as well as dries your skin all at once. Koreans are well aware of how harmful the sun is on the skin, so they do not leave their home without applying SPF.

8.Natural Face Masks

Koreans believe the best products come straight from nature, so they prefer to go the natural route for all products they use. They know hydrating your skin is a must if you wish to look young-looking for a actually long time.

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