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07 Oct 2022

Health Benefits and Uses of Turmeric for Skin

Turmeric has grown in fame over the years and is one of the most famous ancient medicinal plants.

Curcumin, the organic chemical that gives turmeric its signature yellow-orange hue, believe to be the source of most of the flowering plant’s potential health benefits. It is said to help stop Alzheimer’s sickness and slow down the aging process. While there are many claims about the health benefits of this natural superfood, here are some of the most popular.

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory

One of the most common claims is turmeric’s ability to fight inflammation thanks to curcumin’s strength. An earlier report supported this point. According to studies, the curcumin found in turmeric can be a more effective anti-inflammatory agent than traditional drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin, provided it take in the correct dose.

Other researchers have also suggested curcumin as a possible treatment for inflammatory diseases such as pancreatitis.

It can be a Treatment for Depression

Curcumin has been shown to protect against damage to energy-producing structures in your cells and affect serotonin dopamine levels in your brain, both of which are responsible for controlling mood and behaviour.

According to a previous study, people who give a 1000 mg curcumin supplement or a combination of the antidepressants fluoxetine and curcumin had higher levels of BDNF. According to researchers, curcumin appears to be an effective and safe treatment for depression.

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It helps prevent and treat Diabetes

Numerous laboratory studies suggest that curcumin from turmeric products can greatly aid in the treatment of diabetes and other related conditions, including diabetic nephropathy.

One of the studies found that feeding a laboratory rat with type 2 diabetes a dose of 80 mg of a curcumin substance called tetrahydro curcumin for every kilogram of body weight resulted in a decrease in blood sugar. There was also a sharp increase in plasma insulin.

Turmeric can help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis

Many people buy turmeric to help with their osteoarthritis as it has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

According to previous research, after eight months of daily consumption, a group of people who took 1000 mg of curcumin supplement found significant improvements in their physical function and joint stiffness.

It May help reverse or delay Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease, like depression, associate with a decrease in BDNF levels. However, studies have shown that taking turmeric regularly, especially curcumin, can help delay or reverse brain degeneration

These are just a few of the numerous benefits turmeric consumption can provide. To get the most out of all of these health benefits, buy turmeric and all of your spices in bulk, so you always have a pantry of natural remedies.

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