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07 Oct 2022

The Benefits and Uses of Ponytail Facelift

Over the past decades, the facelift has continued to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries on the market. This revolutionary procedure can completely rejuvenate a patient’s appearance, but it has some distinct drawbacks.

Along with the potential for permanent scarring, it can also lead to a “windswept” look that some patients may want to avoid. If you are ready to restore your youthful beauty but not interest in a traditional facelift, you may be an ideal candidate for a ponytail lift.

This advanced surgery can help you look years younger and avoid many of the drawbacks of a traditional facelift.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Facelifts

With a qualified plastic surgeon, a facelift can produce amazing results. This procedure minimizes or eliminates many different blemishes in the lower half of the face, and it now performs hundreds of thousands of times a year.

Unfortunately, a traditional facelift can also create unwanted side effects and complications.

During this procedure, a surgeon must make several cuts in front of the ears and near the chin, and these cuts can potentially create permanent scarring.

This surgery can also be very invasive, and some patients may need to recover in bed for several weeks after the procedure.

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Patients ready to rejuvenate their looks without these complications should contact Dr Contact Kao to learn more about the ponytail lift. This advanced surgical technique enables Dr Kao to minimize or eliminate many different facial imperfections quickly and safely. Recovery time is short and stress-free for the vast common of patients.

As an added bonus, the incisions for a ponytail lift are hidden behind the ears or in the hairline and often disappear entirely once the soft tissue fully heal.

Ideal candidates

There are a few different variables that you need to consider before undergoing a rejuvenation procedure. One of the most important things to think about is your opportunities.

While either of these procedures will enhance your natural beauty and remove unwanted imperfections, it won’t completely change your appearance. It would help if you also prepared to protect your skin as best you can in the years to come.

A ponytail lift will renovate your youthful beauty, but your face will still age. Although results often last ten years or more, they are not permanent. That being said, as long as you are a healthy adult with realistic expectations, you will most likely make an excellent candidate.

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