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07 Oct 2022
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Dysport, Botox or Azzallure Which is Better? What to do to make the effect last long

Botulinum toxin preparations are drugs that block neuromuscular transmission or, in simple language, the work of muscles.

How is the procedure going

The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes.

The doctor marks the points where he is going to inject the botulinum toxin with a pencil. At the same time, you frown, make different grimaces on your face, as the doctor determines your working muscles.

Then he shows you the drug, its expiration date, if desired, the Certificate of this drug.

Removes your make-up from your face, if any, wipes your face with an antiseptic.

Apply dry ice with a cotton swab to the preliminary injection site.

The pain from the injection by the fillers is much stronger. Here is my review of lip augmentation here

After the end of the procedure, the doctor applies a soothing cream. Apart from this article you can also follow delivered to agent for final delivery.

What should not be done before and after the procedure

Before the procedure:

  • three days before injections, antibiotics, as well as heparin, aspirin, and other drugs that prevent blood clotting should be excluded;
  • no later than a day, you must completely exclude alcoholic beverages from consumption.
  • on the day of the procedure, exclude any activity, including housework associated with heavy physical exertion, sports;

After the procedure

  • for 3-4 hours you can not lie, sleep;
  • do not take medications that affect the blood clotting process, antibiotics of the tetracycline group, do not drink alcohol during the day;
  • for two days, do not touch with your hands those areas of the facial skin that have been injected with Botox, do not rub or massage them;
  • do not tilt your head down for a long time – within 2 days (that is, do not wash the floors, do not vacuum, do not iron).
  • also exclude trips to the bathhouse, sauna, beach, dry your head with a hairdryer, that is, avoid any overheating.

What should not be done after botox bits

After injections in the forehead and other parts of the face (the first injection usually lasts up to six months), you cannot:

  1. do manual massages, procedures for myostimulation, and microcurrent therapy. That is, it is necessary to exclude the impact on the muscles of the face, which need rest. At the same time, light peels and masks are quite acceptable;
  2. for 7-14 days after injections, it is necessary to refrain from taking antibiotics, analgesics, as well as the use of ginger, garlic, vitamin E, ginseng, as this, can increase the risk of hematomas;
  3. it is also prohibited to fly by plane during the week; After botulinum toxin injection, the following cosmetic procedures should not be performed:
  • myostimulation;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • to use an infrared laser, since these manipulations normalize muscle tone, that is, the effect of the drug will be completely leveled.

Botox Allergan


  • Famous brand.
  • Does not mask the face when used in reasonable amounts.


  • The effect is not more than three months.
  • The second time did not smooth out all the wrinkles.
  • More expensive than their counterparts.


Producer Ipsen Pharma (France).

Dysport is also famous and equally effective in cosmetology!


  • The drug smoothes wrinkles.
  • The effect in my case lasts about 5-6 months.
  • The price is lower than Botox.


  • Only an experienced professional should be consulted as the method of administering Dysport is much more complicated from Botox and side effects may be more frequent.

Azzalure by Galderma

Manufacturer Beaufour Ipsen International (France).

Azzalure is the aesthetic version of Dysport for the member states of the European Union.

The effect comes faster than Botox and Dysport. The forehead becomes a little stony. We recomend to buy azzalure though its price is more expensive than the others.

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Review Dysport, Botox or Azzallure Which is Better? What to do to make the effect last long.

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