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07 Oct 2022
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5 Best Alternatives for Box Jump Exercise For Strength

The box jump is one of the finest exercises for training your legs to explosive strength. However, they are not suitable for everyone as they can put pressure on your knees and require the right equipment. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative boxing jump exercises that will work the same muscles if you still want to train the explosive strength in your legs.

Why Box Jumps?

Before explaining how alternative boxing jump exercises perform, it makes sense that you first understand why you want to include these types of activities in your workout in the first place.

An exceptionally scientific study was done on the effectiveness of plyometric exercises such as box jumps. These studies reported benefits such as:

Increased muscle strength and bone health

Improved performance and explosiveness

Improved jumps and physical performance

Improved cardiovascular health, endurance, and posture

Best Alternative Box Jumping Exercises

1. Jump Squat

Difficulty: easy and suitable for all levels

The jump squat is an excessive exercise for a beginner or someone who doesn’t have access to a plyometric box. Its diversity makes it a tremendous box-jump alternative to do anywhere

Similar to a box jump, a jump squat focuses on the same four core muscle groups. In addition, fitness experts agree that such exercise, like boxing jumps, increases the lower body’s explosiveness, coordination, and strength.

You can use your arms to increase swing and get a higher jump. To do this, swing your arms forward before doing the jumping portion of the exercise.

2. Lunge

Lunge steps are another simple but great way to achieve the four main muscle groups used during a box squat.

Researchers have shown this box-jump substitute to be an effective way of increasing lower body strength and performance in sports such as swimming.

Knicks Lunge

Alternative to box jumps

This is the most challenging lung variant on the list, however, it shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Start with your feet shoulder-width separately and your hands on your hips

Pass your right leg behind your left leg

With one knee bent, lower your left leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. It’s okay if your right knee hits the ground

Drive upward while bringing your right leg back to the starting position

Repeat with your other leg

3. Bulgarian Split Squat

Difficulty: easy and suitable for all levels

The Bulgarian split squat is a very popular exercise in the plyometric and CrossFit communal. It’s very similar to a lung but has one key difference that makes it a bit more challenging.

By resting one of your legs on a bench, you shift the majority of your weight to the other leg, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your body weight and isolate your front portion.

This box jump will allow you to target the four major muscle groups used in a box jump, making it a very operative standby.

Position about two feet in front of a sturdy counter or chair with your feet hip-width apart. Have your heart engaged and your back straight

Take your left foot and place it on the bench behind you with the top of your foot down

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4. Step-ups

Difficulty: easy and suitable for all levels

Step-ups are a box-jump alternative that you can do virtually anywhere. This all-around exercise can turn into a killer workout regardless of your skill level.

Step-ups are another separation leg exercise that allows you to focus all of your weight on one leg at a time. They’re perfect for setting up the quads, which is important to protect the knee during high-impact exercises like boxing jumps.

Usually, they perform with a weight vest or dumbbells in hand. However, we recommend that you master them usually before proceeding!

5. Squat push press

Difficulty: easy and proper for all stages

The Squat Push Press is a full-body workout that focuses on both the legs and shoulders. This way, you can use all of the muscles you would normally need in a box jump while improving your shoulder stabilization at the same time.

This extended squat allows you to add extra weight to the standard squat. It makes it an even more effective box-jump alternative. In addition, with this excess weight, you can train the explosiveness that is required to push off during a box jump.

Start by grabbing the dumbbells with a standard grip and bringing them to shoulder level

With your feet hip-width apart, begin to crouch down

Stop and hold for a second once your thighs are parallel to the floor

Push through your heels and stand up straight as you bring the weight directly over your head

Lower the weight to the early position and repeat the process

Review 5 Best Alternatives for Box Jump Exercise For Strength.

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