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03 Dec 2022
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Wonder Herb of Ayurveda – Triphala

Traditional medicine or Ayurveda is dependent on herbs. The Ayurveda considered herbs as magic that cure any disease possible. When it comes to herbs, Triphala is one of them. Triphala as the name suggests is made of two words which means the three fruits which are as follows- Indian Gooseberry, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. Triphala is popular for ages but now in today’s time, it has been popular throughout the world due to its health benefits. It is such an herb that is present in every form such as juice, capsules, tablet, powder, extracts, etc. The increasing demand for Triphala has led to its extension in so many forms.

Relaxes mind

Not scientifically proven but according to a study, it is said that Triphala juice prevents stress. The three fruits and herb included in It relaxes the brain and provides mental peace. The Triphala extract mixed in the tea is the best remedy to avoid the hectic day stress. The intake of it freshens up the person and helps the body cope with the daily routine stress. It can also be considered a mind relaxer.

Better skin quality

Triphala is applied on the skin to avoid the marks of wounds or burns. It has anti-inflammatory properties and will heal the skin by protecting the skin cells. Most girls are using Triphala as a face pack to moisten the skin. It also helps in getting rid of the dust particles and provides natural glowing skin.

Acts as a purgative

Triphala is known as a natural purgative. It helps in producing a bowel movement and treating the problem of constipation, and pain in the lower abdominal. Since the Ayurveda, Triphala is known for these problems and till today it helps treat stomach-related problems.

Prevents sugar

Diabetes or blood sugar is a disease where the cells exhibit excessive sugar, and the sugar level in the blood remains high. Triphala has antidiabetic capabilities, where it formulates the cells to absorb excessive sugar and use it for energy. In this way, Triphala helps to lower the sugar level in the blood. You can take three fruit herbs daily, but it’s not advisable to not take the medicines.

May prevent cancer

It is said that Triphala helps in curing cancer. So, it is not scientifically proven, but Ayurveda believes that Triphala helps to kill the cancer cells and prevents the body from cancer-chronic diseases. It is also said that wheatgrass juice kills the leukemia cells in the body which increases the chance of curing cancer. It is said that it stops the growth of lymphoma and helps to cure stomach cancers.

Triphala has lots of benefits in medical science. It can expand its usage from chronic diseases to stomach issues and from dental to skin-related issues. Some people say that Triphala has side effects which include nausea, vomiting, gastric problem, etc. But ignoring these, Triphala is known as a magical herb, and anyone can take it regularly. It is advisable not to stop any medicines and start intake of Triphala in the hope of curing the disease. It is always requested to seek a doctor before doing so.

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