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07 Oct 2022
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Why do your Fingers Wrinkle in water Osmosis?

fingers wrinkle: So-called duplex fingers and feet form when there is firm contact with water – but they get their name because of their similarity to sweets. Washing dishes can often be enough, but this always does during a long bath or swim.

It is not yet clear why the skin of the fingers and feet becomes wrinkled. There are three theories about this:

The theory I: horn cells absorb water

This theory assumes that horny cells fill with water like a sponge. Corn cells are dead skin cells that form the top layer of our skin and connect to the subcutaneous tissue. When the cells fill with fluid, the cells increase in size, but the connection with the subcutaneous tissue creates furrows. So the look of the fingers and feet in the duplex.

Theory II: Keratin develops

Keratin is produced in the epidermis by horn cells. It ensures the water repellency and firmness of the skin. With prolonged contact with water, the keratin absorbs the liquid and expands. However, the keratin fibres arrange in different directions, which leads to the double finger and foot phenomenon.

Theory III: The nervous system

The third and final theory concerns the research results of a working group on neuroscience. It claims to have discovered that the swelling and wrinkling of the hands and feet result from a nervous system stimulant. The purpose of the stimulus is to make sure that the small blood vessels constrict, causing the skin to contract while the cells absorb water.

This reaction has proven to use for safe movement and grip in the water. Because the groove-shaped indentations enhance the feel, our fingers do not always look like this can probably be explained by the reduced sensitivity to the sense of touch.

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Why does the skin on our fingers Wrinkle when washing clothes for a long time?

The skin on our fingers wrinkles when washing clothes for a long time due to the process of exosmosis. This course takes place in the incidence of a hypertonic and hypotonic solution. Let us know about these solutions first.

Hypotonic solution

The solution external the cell has a higher soluble concentration than inside the cell. Thus, the water particles move from the inside-outside the cell.

Hypertonic solution

The solution outside the cell is a less concentrated solution than inside the cell. Thus, the water molecules inside the cell move from the outside.


When we wash clothes, our hands expose to water for a long time. Our hands behave like a hypertonic solution, and the outside of our hands behave like a hypotonic solution. Skin acts as a semi-permeable membrane because it is porous. The water is not absorbed here but leaves it. Soap solution is a hypertonic solution, i. H. More concentrate than our skin cells. The process is called exosmosis.

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