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What is Thermometer

A thermometer is useful when you need to know the temperature of objects to safeguard the safety of people in the family, especially children, to prevent burn injuries. Parents are advised to check the temperature of slides, swings and other playground equipment with a thermometer before allowing children to touch them.

It is also used to check the temperature of grill stands, ovens and other heating appliances before re-use. An infrared thermometer is used in this situation to get a quick and accurate reading.

Most thermometers have two scales for temperature, Fahrenheit and Celsius. Read the numbers for °F (degrees Fahrenheit). Each long line represents 1°F of temperature. The four short lines between each long line are 0.2°F (two tenths) of a degree of temperature.

In overall, there are two types of thermometers. Tactile or contact thermometers must touch the body to measure temperature. Remote or non-contact thermometers can measure body temperature without touching the skin.

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