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07 Oct 2022
Fitness Tips

5 Tips to Became a perfect Runner with 30 days Running challenge

Becoming a runner isn’t that easy, but we can share some tips to help you become an ideal runner in just 30 days. You need to keep things in a perfectly normal state while you are training to run. You will become a perfect runner-man-running-on-the-road

Becoming a flawless runner in 30 days can be tricky. The tips and workouts we cover in this article are the basics, but knowledge is only 5% of your total effort. To be a perfect runner, the remaining 95% is the simple practice that people often ignore

1. Goal

These practices have a significant impact on your life.

One thing to keep in mind is that you also need to have fun running. Fun is one of the most important keys to becoming a great runner. Some people don’t like to run, and it affects their performance. Think about how you are successful at a school assignment that you fear

2. Slow down the practice

Most primary and middle school gym teachers don’t focus on different needs and fitness levels. You have to represent the majority. You may remember the boring “pacemaker test” that some people did well and some didn’t. These early memories of running often contribute to the hatred of running, as people often feel the pressure to run faster than they can.

As you set out to become a perfect runner, slow down your pace and remember that you value distance and endurance as much as you do speed. Don’t give yourself a deadline. Let your body deal with what it can do.

This idea will help clear your mind and allow you to focus on things other than bad memories of school days.

Hence, you will experience a bit of the runner’s high that you always hear from athletes. When you feel inspired, try to end your run energetic but not tired, and then run a little farther than before.

Focus on the small details

Slowing down the process allows you to focus on minute details such as deeper breathing and the straight front-to-back chest posture you must maintain during your runs.

Focus on the little details like how you land your feet (which should be bent slightly to avoid heavy impact).

3. Take 180 steps in one minute

Break down a race into 180 stages in one minute. Pretty simple, right?

It might seem a bit complicated to count each step, but it gets easier as you go.

Remember to run so that you can hear three steps per second.

It will help you overcome stress fractures and shin splints you have while running. If you experience sudden pain while running, trust me to help you get better from this condition.

Taking lighter, smaller steps will also help improve your stamina.

The “180 steps per minute” way is faster than the average pace you are currently. It will feel a little uncomfortable when you first start it up. You may need to take smaller steps and work on muscles that are not in sync but trust us: running will develop as cool as another nature in a few weeks.

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4. Get enough nutritious food before a run

Well, we all know that food is the fuel for our muscles. But did you know that our bodies can store enough power for about an hour while we’re runnin

When our bodies run out and run out of fuel, our brains shut down our bodies so the brain can keep functioning.

Therefore, to avoid crashing in the middle of the run, you need to eat nutritious foods. Make sure you eat 2-4 hours before your run, so your body has time to résumé the food.

Always eat foods like meat, green vegetables, beans, and quinoas. Consider adding fruits and nuts to your diet.

Also, stay hydrated and always carry a handheld water bottle. Try a handheld holder like this one. You can even add a sports drink to the bottle if you’re in the long run. You can take solid foods with you, but keep in mind that you will still need the water most

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5. Rest and recover after a run

Well, we all know that after lifting weights, our muscles need some time to recover

Nothing changes when you run. Your muscles need time to rest after a run. When you’re doing a speed workout, long run, or tempo run, your leg muscles need a lot of time to build up energy again.

This way, your running muscles will get stronger, which will help you become a perfect runner.

So, after a long workout, allow a whole day to rest. The same goes if you’re running an entire length. Continuously break the next daytime.

If the run is less strong, you can run the next day if you’d like. Make sure, however, that you are walking in almost slow motion. Again, focus on improving more minor details like controlling your breathing.

Review 5 Tips to Became a perfect Runner with 30 days Running challenge.

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