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05 Dec 2022

Layoffs in 2022: How to Effectively Manage the Stress and Anxiety

If you read the headlines from the last few days in the US, it would seem like we’re amid an economic recession. From Twitter and Meta to Disney and JUUL, major brands are laying off workers in large numbers.

Add to this the impending recession, PTSD from the pandemic, and uncertainty of the future are leading to many health issues. One of the severe side effects is the resulting stress and anxiety from job loss. Here is an article on how to manage this stress and anxiety effectively.

Maintain Your Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health is essential to managing the stress and anxiety associated with a layoff. Exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep every night. Avoid alcohol or drugs, as these can exacerbate anxiety and depression.

Find a therapist if you need help processing the emotions of being laid off. It is important to remember that resources are available if you are experiencing distress after losing your job. You do not have to go through this alone.

Join a support group for people who have been laid off from their jobs to connect with others who have experienced similar situations and learn from them about how they coped during difficult times like this one.

Take Stock of your Finances

Take stock of your finances. When you are unemployed, the first thing you should do is make a budget. It will help you determine how much you have left over after paying all your bills and other expenses.

If there is little left over, it may be best to cut back on spending to save more money for the future. You can also look into ways to earn extra cash by selling old items or borrowing money from friends and family members.

According to the Investment Company Institute, assets in individual retirement accounts went down by 11.4%. Start saving for retirement as soon as possible because losing your job could delay retirement plans indefinitely if no other employment opportunities present themselves quickly enough.

It’s essential to pay off any debts before looking for another job; otherwise, those debts will only become more expensive with interest charges added onto them while you go without an income stream coming in every month.

Consider a Career Change

So, you’re feeling a little stressed by the news of mass layoffs and your career uncertainty. Don’t worry! There’s plenty you can do to manage your anxiety and minimize any potential issues in the future.

One way is by considering a different career path if you haven’t already. Think about what kind of jobs interest you and match up with your skills and personality traits (if you still need to find out which ones those are, never fear! That’s what we’re here for).

The key here is to consider whether this new job would be better aligned with who YOU are as opposed to what might be easiest or most lucrative at the moment. You’ll need a plan that works for YOU—and this will take some time (so start planning now).

Access Support and Resources

Managing your overall stress and anxiety is one of the most significant issues you may face. You can seek professional help, look for support groups, or find resources to help you find a new job.

Consider volunteering, as it’s a great way to meet people in your neighborhood and do something that benefits others at the same time. There are more than 137,076 volunteers in the US, which means a good networking option if you also opt for it.

It’s essential not just to take care of yourself but also to take care of your loved ones while they’re going through hard times. Suppose someone is experiencing job loss soon and was recently laid off by an employer with whom they had a great relationship. In that case, it can be challenging because there’s no apparent reason why it happened other than business decisions.

Focus on What You Can Control

The best way to manage the stress that comes with the uncertainty of a layoff is to focus on what you can control, not what’s out of your hands. It is easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that there are things in your life that you can change and things that are out of your control. The latter might include being laid off, but the former includes eating healthy food or running every morning before work.

The idea here isn’t just about having an active lifestyle, it’s also about finding ways to care for yourself mentally and emotionally. You’ll be less likely to spiral into depression if you’re in shape physically and have a few outlets for venting or self-care when needed. Focus on those things whenever possible, and don’t worry too much about what has yet to happen.

Depression Is Common to People Who Were Laid Off

If you’ve been laid off, you must understand that you may feel depressed. It can be caused by many factors, the economic climate and the job market, but also by your feelings about losing your job. You might not want to admit that this is affecting you or make any changes because you are afraid of losing more income or health insurance.

However, depression can devastate your personal life and career prospects if left untreated. It could make it difficult to find another job or even keep up with bills in between positions. It also makes it harder for people around them to enjoy their company because they aren’t themselves anymore. They don’t have energy left over after dealing with their daily problems.


In conclusion, there are many ways to manage the stress and anxiety of layoffs. Some may be stressful at first but provide big payoffs in the long term, while others can help you cope with immediate feelings of panic. The key is finding what works best for you and then using it.


Review Layoffs in 2022: How to Effectively Manage the Stress and Anxiety.

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