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07 Oct 2022
Health & Wellness

Secret Tips to Boost your Immune System Strong

Many of us got stuck inside over the past few months trying to stay fit and healthy, mostly just trying to stay alive and healthy. Whether it’s kids running around the house screaming and screaming as you make a zoom call, your neighbour above you blowing up their TV any time of the day, or all your workout Iron Man aside, we know it’s been a tough race!

We have also heard from all the specialists how important it is to keep our immune system strong in general, but especially to fight against this COVID-19 virus. How can we do this? Not smoking, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, minimizing stress (yes, that’s right!) And maintaining a healthy weight is an excellent place to start. But what if we want to do even better? We have an additional solution for you: lymphatic drainage massage.

What is the lymphatic system and how prepares it effort?

The lymphatic structure is measure of your body’s immune system. The lymph nodes are small pockets of white blood cells that filter and fight harmful substances that travel through them via the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system fights diseases and infections. A clogged lymphatic system can cause bloating, lethargy, food intolerances, allergies, and dull skin. This is sometimes the result of poor diet, poor health habits, surgery, sedentary lifestyle, or pre-existing health conditions.

A lymphatic drainage massage stimulates, moves, or “pumps” stagnant fluid toward the nodes to help the body eliminate these inflammatory cells, also called toxins.

Now that we know what the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage massage are, what are the benefits for your body?

“The purpose of the lymphatic drainage massage is to accelerate the lymphatic drainage through the liver,” says the expert Emmanuelle Blanche. “Stimulating your body’s lymph nodes gives your body a boost in its natural detoxification process, reduces gas and helps promote wellbeing.”

Some studies show that a malfunctioning lymphatic system prevents inflammatory cells and bad bacteria from leaking out of body tissues. A good digestive system made up of good bacteria that

breaks down and digests food. An imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the gut compromises the gut’s ability to digest and absorb food. It can lead to gastritis and other more serious inflammatory bowel diseases.

Still not convinced? Here’s another benefit for you: Lymphatic drainage massage can help relieve your allergies.

The lymphatic system recognizes as the first line of defense against disease because it transports and filters fluids containing antibodies and good and bad bacteria. So, a compromised lymphatic system is a weakened immune system. It is a part of your health that can affect a wide range of illnesses and illnesses and will determine how your body responds to problems with your organs, viruses like the flu, and allergies.

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Okay, now that we sold on lymphatic drainage massages, where can we get them?

Start with Emmanuelle Blanche Spa. This wellness spa is the first of its kind in the United States and is dedicated to improving your general wellbeing, helping your body detox and recover, and improving your skin condition. They specialize in lymphatic massage and the French Palper Rouler technique, both for the body and the face. Emmanuelle Blanche is known as the “feel-good fairy”. What else can we say

Angelenos also like Endermologie Los Angeles for their lymphatic drainage pressures as well as LED light remedy and Saunabar Los Angeles.

In contrast to a conventional lymph massage, the Saunabar offers no human touch: the massage carried out with an air compression suit (pneumatic massage). They are tucked into large boots and wrapped around your torso. Sounds very futuristic, doesn’t it?

Another popular way to stimulate your immunity is with Thai massage, which helps remove toxins and excess water from your body.

Bottom line:

We all need to take care of our lymphatic system, regardless of the technique used. Lymphatic drainage massage by a professional is more effective and relaxing, but dry brushing and cupping at home also strengthen your immune system.

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