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07 Oct 2022
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How Hormones Affect The Growth Of Your Hair

How hormones affect the growth of your hair. Your hair can be your crown and glory, but it can become something that makes you feel less confident if you suffer from hair loss. There are lots of possible solutions out there ranging from natural supplements to heading off to Turkey for a hair transplant. However, did you know that your hormones can actually play a role in the health and growth of your hair? Keep reading to find out more…

Androgen Hormones

Androgen hormones include things like testosterone and DHT. These hormones are one of the biggest contributors to your hair growth. Too much of them and you’ll see excessive hair on your head and body, and with too little of them, you’ll notice thinning and hair loss. Men tend to produce more of these hormones than women, which is why you’ll generally see hair loss in older men than women.


You might assume that oestrogen is only in women’s bodies, but this isn’t true at all. Both men and women produce this hormone, but women just have more of it. Oestrogen helps your hair to grow, so women may find that when they’re pregnant that the increased levels give them luscious, bouncy hair. But once their hormones return to normal, it all falls out again. Men with a decreased amount of testosterone and oestrogen will notice that their hair becomes thinner and doesn’t grow as fast. Women tend to have a decrease in this hormone during menopause, so it’s natural for your hair to thin or grow less at this time. These hormonal imbalances can sometimes be treated by a doctor and could potentially help stimulate hair growth once more.


Everyone’s heard the saying that stress will make your hair fall out, but it quite literally does! Cortisol is the hormone that’s related to stress and too much of it actually damages your hair follicles. Cortisol is telling your body that it needs to go into survival mode and forget about anything unnecessary, and hair is considered just that. This is why if you suddenly notice more of your hair falling out, it could be because you’re going through a more stressful period.

Thyroid Hormones

The hormones in your thyroid are some of the most important in your body as they help to control lots of different functions. If your thyroid isn’t working as it should, it can be over or under active. If the thyroid becomes underactive, then your metabolism will grind to a halt and stop different bodily functions from processing properly. Hair growth is one of the least important bodily functions, so instead your body will only focus on the necessary ones. This will lead to your hair becoming brittle and not growing. However, if your thyroid is overactive, then your hair can fall out too so maintaining a healthy thyroid is essential for your hair.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and drinking plenty of water can help support the balance and production of your hormones, but sometimes it can’t be controlled. As we grow older and our hormones decrease, it’s natural for your hair to stop growing as much and thin out. If you’re concerned about your hair loss or lack of growth, it might be best to speak to your doctor as some hormone imbalances can be easily treated and help get your hair back to its previous healthy state.

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