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Body-Building Tips Some Trainers Fail to Convey

Trainers are great for teaching you the proper exercises and the proper form to build muscles, but there can be some things they fail to mention. Here are some body-building tips a trainer might fail to convey to you.

Body Building Begins in the Kitchen

You cannot build muscles without eating a healthy diet. Some trainers believe all a person needs is a ton of protein for muscle gain. Getting enough protein is important. But the preferred fuel of our body is complex carbohydrates, like potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, oats, and vegetables and fruit.

Without a healthy diet, your muscles will not get the nutrients they need to grow and heal. Certain vegetables like greens, broccoli, and beets will help your body produce nitric oxide, which promotes healthy blood flow. Fruit like watermelon contains L-citrulline, which creates nitric oxide.

According to Legion Athletics, “L-citrulline turns into another amino acid in the body known as L-arginine, which increases the production of a gas known as nitric oxide that widens blood vessels and improves blood flow.

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Pre Workout Without Caffeine

Many body-builders will have a pre-workout drink before working out. It is best if you have a pre workout without caffeine. Some trainers believe that caffeine gives you that extra boost, but too much caffeine before working out can be harmful to your health. You can make a cup of coffee before a workout. That way you can control the amount of caffeine without getting too much.

Having a pre workout that includes caffeine can raise your blood pressure. Caffeine can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and blood clots. Caffeine also causes a crash when it wears off. And that can affect your workout and make you tired for the rest of the day.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol, even a little, can be detrimental to your workout gains. Alcohol is nothing but empty calories and will increase body fat. When your body metabolizes alcohol, it uses up vitamins, especially the B vitamins. Too much alcohol can literally cause you to become nutrient deficient.

Alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep, and getting a good night’s sleep is necessary to have a good workout each day. Drinking alcohol stresses your body and can hinder muscle recovery, which could lead to an injury.

Warm Up

Doing some warm-up exercises and stretching helps your body get ready for the full workout. Warming up shouldn’t be a marathon, but you want to do enough to warm up your muscles.

When warming up, do a high amount of reps, between 15 and 20 reps, using a low weight. You don’t need to strain anything while warming up. As you warm up, concentrate on the target muscle. This concentration helps build the mind-muscle connection.

These body-building tips are not hard to incorporate into your daily workout and will help you get the most out of your workout routine. A healthy diet, plenty of sleep, warming up, and a good pre workout without caffeine will help you power through your workout.

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