Biochemists, sometimes called molecular biologists or cell biologists, can study the molecular machines by which cells feed, divide, and grow. Others study the progress of plants and animals, to understand how genetic traits are passed down through successive generations.

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Articles Types

The following types of articles are considered for the magazine:

FEATURES: brief reviews of key areas of scientific inquiry related to the issue’s topic (see below); these are usually invited

BEGINNER GUIDES – Each covers a popular method in detail; these are usually invited

NEWS: News or updates in the fields of research or scholarly publication from the Biochemical Society and Portland Press

POLITICS: Scientific and educational policy articles on topics relevant to the molecular biosciences

SCOPE: Engage with the public

EDUCATION AND LEARNING: From the age of 16, educational activities and ways to guarantee their lifelong learning

STUDENT FOCUS: Articles written by students, for students.

Biochemistry is also  combines biology and chemistry to study living organisms. It powers scientific and medical discoveries in fields such as pharmaceuticals, forensics, and nutrition. With biochemistry, you will biochemists study chemical reactions at a molecular level to better understand the world and develop new ways to exploit these.

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