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About Acadiana Women’s Health Group

Acadiana Women’s Health Group – Our women’s health clinic’s physicians, nurse practitioners, and office staff would like to welcome you as a patient. They are dedicated to providing you with the highest obstetric and gynecologic care standards.

Acadiana Women’s Health Group physicians are board-certified and diplomats of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, or board eligible. The medical training and continuing medical education are very kept up, and all physicians work together to give you the best care possible 24/7.

Redefine yourself with the help of one of Louisiana’s most trusted names in cosmetic surgery and women’s health. Cosmetic enhancement and enhancement can be one of the most important decisions you have ever made. It will mean nothing less than effortless natural elegance paired with uncompromising safety as a discerning customer. Our goal is to make your transformational journey one of serenity, reward and deep satisfaction by providing one of the best cosmetic surgeries Louisiana offers.

Elevate Your Standards – Acadiana Women’s Health Group

Re-imagine what women’s healthcare at the uppermost power can be with our advanced aesthetic services at Acadia Women’s Health. We promise to deliver you a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere and experience at our Med Spa, with customized facials, waxing, dermaplaning, laser hair removal, chemical peels, lash lifts, etc.

Women’s Health Group – Acadiana Women’s Health Group

The AP Agenda for Women’s Health encompasses a wide range of proposals that advance three main goals to improve the health and well-being of women, families, and our communities.

Safety and Dignity – Acadiana Women’s Health Group

Women should have the precise to feel safe wherever they are. We support legislation that promotes women’s safety, protects their right to privacy, and respects their dignity.

Protection Of Privacy And Personal Dignity – Acadiana Women’s Health Group

  • Expand the status of intimate images
  • Address the issue of “sextortion.”
  • Fight against “street harassment.”
  • Ensuring reasonable accommodation for women incarcerated during pregnancy
  • Strengthen protections against sexual harassment at work

Protection Of Victims Of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Eliminate mobile phone policies that hamper victims’ efforts to escape
  • Allowing victims of domestic violence to avoid leases
  • Grant victims of harassment or domestic or sexual violence in public housing the right to relocate to other public housing
  • Governor Wolf’s Campaign Against Sexual Violence on Campus “It’s on Us.”
  • Ensure online/anonymous notification
  • Eliminate disincentives to report. For example, offer an institutional amnesty for reporting
  • Sex education and affirmative consent
  • Global policy against violence

Economic Security – Acadiana Women’s Health Group

Women justify a fair opportunity to work and earn a living wage to care for themselves and their families.

  • Fair wages and income
  • Increase in the minimum wage
  • Closing the pay gap in Pennsylvania
  • Apply minimum wage to tipped workers
  • Retirement Security for Widows.

Remove Obstacles To Work

Guarantee family and medical leave paid to work families

Helping working families lift themselves out of poverty

Creation of a working group of women veterans

  • Ensuring reasonable accommodation for pregnant workers and nursing mothers
  • Promote access to affordable child care

Access To Health Services Throughout The Life

Women have unique health needs and are often the primary caregivers. They must be able to grow and form healthy families, when and if they choose, with access to family planning and maternal and newborn health care.

Protect Access To Reproductive Health

  • Protect broad access to the most influential family planning services.
  • Guarantee the availability of accurate and scientific information and medical independence in the relationship between the patient and the provider

Maternal / Newborn Health

  • Call for consumer securities in health insurance so that all Pennsylvanians have coverage for essential care, such as maternity care, mental health services, and dental and vision care for children.
  • Promote the detection and treatment of postpartum depression
  • Support access to doulas and midwives to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates

Support care for diseases that disproportionately affect women

  • Protect state funds dedicated to the screening and treatment of breast and cervical cancer
  • Promote rest for caregivers

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