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07 Oct 2022
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What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bed: A Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bed: A Buyer’s Guide. When looking for a dog bed, it’s important to keep in mind that each dog is unique in its wants and demands. With such a wide range of canine sizes, it’s impossible to find a universal answer. When you’re shopping for a dog bed, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Help your dog’s comfort by using a dog bed

Comfort is the most apparent advantage of a dog bed. Hard surfaces, such as stone, concrete, and tile, are unsuitable for laying down on for long periods of time for anything that weighs a lot. Your back will hurt the following day if you try it out for yourself without any kind of support for your posture, so give it a go! Using a dog bed ensures that your pet will be comfortable and snug all night long.

Your dog’s health can be improved by using a dog bed

A dog’s posture and bone health may be harmed over time if he sleeps on the floor. Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or obesity have additional challenges. Aside from that, sleep deprivation might have a negative influence on the outcome of their fitness and well-being. Even the most basic of dog beds, if it is correctly fitted, may be a significantly preferable option than the floor. In addition, orthopedic dog mattresses are available to help support your dog’s bones and alleviate the discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis.

Beds in a tent

Tent beds, with their cave-like construction and high roofs, are ideal for dogs that get cold easily. In addition, since tent beds are partially covered, they may provide a safe haven for dogs that are afraid of the outside world.

Disposable / pillow-fill bedding

It’s like a huge cushion, except it’s packed with a soft stuffing, like rayon, Styrofoam, or cotton. If your dog likes to change positions often or sprawl out a lot, this kind of kennel is ideal. Destructive dogs, on the other hand, should steer clear of loose-fill beds.

Beds with heaters

This kind of bed is ideal for dogs that curl up or shiver when it’s chilly. Puppies and tiny breeds, as well as dogs with short hair, will benefit the most from heated beds since they will be more comfortable in the colder months. Dogs don’t have to live in frigid climates to benefit from heated beds. Dogs with certain health conditions might also benefit greatly from their use.

To have your dog go to snooze on their new dog bed, here are some tips

To convince your dog to test out their new bed and venture out of their safety zone, you must first provide an incentive for them to do so. Your dog’s bed should be placed someplace else than your room, yet not too near to where they generally sleep. Place toys or goodies on the new dog bed throughout the day and lure your dog across to the new mattress. It doesn’t matter what you put out there; they’ll be drawn in. As soon as they are lying down, say “Go to your bed,” and utilize your “Stay” or “Down” command.

It’s important to reward and guide a pet back to their bed if they don’t listen to the order. As they become acclimated to the instruction, they’ll also get used to their new bed.

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