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07 Oct 2022
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[pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8]- How to solve Pii Outlook Error Code

One of the best structures of Microsoft Outlook is the organized email management system which can fix the error pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8 Microsoft Outlook allows you to manage your email as user or client accounts.

Microsoft Outlook is an application software system part of Microsoft’s office suite designed for business use. Although it was initially an email client, it now has many other features, including calendar, contact management, task management, document management, and web browsing. Personal use. All versions of this program can download for free.

Business operations require a constant flow of communication – employee inquiries, sales orders, management reports, etc. However, sometimes similar error codes occur [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8]. Then we will try to show you the best troubleshooting solution.

If you get an error code [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8] while retrieving MS Outlook, your Outlook is not working correctly. So what is the right solution to avoid the error code? In this article, we are working to show you four easy ways to fix this problem.

Why this code error [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8] occurs

The purpose for this error may be that you are using many Outlook accounts. Without clearance of the cache, getting this error can be a problem.

Another motive to avoid this error is that you should use the Microsoft Outlook web app.

Sometimes the error [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8] can produce by installing the software application on your PC.

If this is the problem, you will want to uninstall the damaged version of Outlook, reinstall it, and upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

If you continue to have difficulties with the error, contact Microsoft for further instructions.

4 methods to resolve the error code [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8]

Method 1: to correct this error [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8] clear the cache and cookies

Clearance cache and cookies will keep your prior channels clean and all data up to date. Clearing the cache can eliminate broken or stuck data packets.

Close the MS Outlook presentation. Open it again after a few minutes. You will close multiple accounts to resolve this error.

Install the newest version of Microsoft Outlook.

If you are exhausting the old version and request an update, you will need to update it and restart your computer.

Once the reboot is complete, you should open MS Outlook and check whether the error pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8 resolves.

If the error not resolves, try Method 2 (shown below).

Method 2: Repair the Outlook Version and Update to the Latest Version

Sometimes the [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8] error can be caused when the software damages the installation process or when MS Outlook is conflicting with other email accounts.

To repair the MS Outlook version, you need to remove the damaged Outlook version from your PC.

The last step is to install the newest version from the Microsoft Outlook official website.

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Method 3: use the Outlook web application

The best way to avoid the error code pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8 is to select the Outlook web application from the navigation pane that appears in the top corner when you click Options.

In the MS Outlook application, use the Light Edition of the check box and click the Save button.

Log in to the Well-lit Edition with your showed MS Outlook account.

Method 4: update Outlook if you are using an outmoded version

Make assured your PC supports the newest version of MS Outlook.

In most cases, if you are running the Microsoft Outlook installer on your PC with an older version of Outlook. All you devise to do is uninstall the old account from your PC.

If Microsoft Outlook is not out of date, you may encounter error codes such as [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8].

If you uninstall MS Outlook before installing the new version, the previous Office files will not delete. If your version of Office contains Outlook, you may want to back up your Outlook data files.

See Finding and Moving Outlook Data Files from One Computer to One more. However, if you encounter the error code, please contact Microsoft support for further instructions.

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Our main objective is to support you resolve the error code pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8, which occurs while accessing MS Outlook. We have strained to guide you with the possible top steps to fix this difficulty in Outlook.

We hope you will benefit from it by following these steps and solving the problem you are facing. If you still cannot resolve the MS Outlook error code, it may be even more challenging to fix it on your own.

All you want to do is interact with the Microsoft Outlook team for further instructions.

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