Kadaram Kondan Full Movie Download in Tamilrockers

Kadaram kondan Full Movie Download

Mr.KK (Conqueror of Kadaram) is a 2019 Indian Tamil action thriller film directed by Rajesh M. Selva and produced by Kamal Haasan. Vikram plays the major role, with Akshara Haasan and Abi Hassan playing minor roles. It was shot between September 2018 and January 2019, and the Telugu-dubbed version, Mr. KK, was released on July 19, 2019. It’s an approved remake of the French film Point Blank, which came out in 2010.

Details about Kadaram kondan Full Movie Download

Movie: Kadaram kondan

Rating: 5.7 /10

Banner: Raaj Kamal Films International

Performers: Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan, Lena, and others

Music: Ghibran

Cinematographer: Srinivas R. Gutha

Art: Prem Navas

Editor: Praveen K.L.

Producer: Kamal Haasan, R. Ravindran

Direction and Written: Rajesh M. Selva

Release DATE: 19 July 2019

Budget: 30 Crore

Box office: 50 Crore

Kadaram kondan full movie download in Tamilrockers

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More Details about the Kadaram kondan Full Movie Download

After a failed heist, a middle-aged guy runs out of an office at the Petronas Towers while being pursued by two assassins. When they corner him, he struck by a motorcycle and suffers serious injuries, putting him in a coma.

In the meantime, Vasu Rajagopalan, a doctor who recently relocated to Kuala Lumpur with his pregnant wife Aatirah, has been assigned to the hospital where the comatose robber has been hospitalized. He notifies the police after botching a murder attempt on the robber’s life, and Inspector Kalpana Rangaswamy is assigned to the investigation. She gives Vasu her phone number and tells him to call her if he notices anything unusual. When Vasu returns home, a guy assaults him and knocks him unconscious, then kidnaps Aatirah.

When Vasu regains consciousness, the assailant calls and demands him to release the robber from the hospital in return for Aatirah. Meanwhile, Kalpana finds the robber’s identity: KK, a known criminal and ex-police commando sought for burglary and drug trafficking. She and her accomplices, Navin and Catherine, hurry to the hospital, just missing Vasu, who had managed to smuggle KK out of the hospital.

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Story Lines

Vasu, a young physician, discovers that his pregnant wife has kidnap after rescuing one of his patients from a murder attempt, and the kidnappers want the patient he saved in return for her safety.

Kalpana’s adversary squad, led by Assistant Commissioner Vincent Rajadurai and known for their harsh approach to settling criminal cases, is also following KK’s case.

He informs Kalpana that KK link to the recent assassination of a prominent industrialist and advises her to stand down, which she refuses. In the meantime, Vasu insists that KK release Aatirah at KL Sentral in return for his safe delivery, which KK agrees to. Aatirah and KK are almost ready to be switched at the exchange spot when the two assassins who had been pursuing KK earlier arrive, causing the duos to flee. The assailant returns Aatirah to his hideaway but assassinate by the two assassins who kidnap her.

More about Kadaram kondan Full movie Download

Vasu and KK seek sanctuary in KK’s secure location. Vasu gets to reach Kalpana while KK is preoccupied, informing her of his terrible position. But not before Vincent’s crew gets at the safehouse, Kalpana arrives. Vincent, who reveal to be a corrupt officer, then shoots her to death. Following Vincent’s departure, KK subdues his captors and injures one of Vincent’s men, Umar, in exchange for the truth about his aborted burglary attempt. Vincent had recruite by a businessman to kill his father, the industrialist so that the latter might inherit his father’s fortune. Umar confesses to KK that he was just a pawn in Vincent’s illegal activities. Vincent had used a spy camera to capture the occasion and had arranged for his colleague, KK’s supervisor, Anand Makaio, to conceal their tracks.

Makaio had dispatched KK to the industrialist’s office at the Petronas Towers to get the papers about his criminal charges. In truth, Vincent devised the trap because he needed to frame someone for the murder. Vincent’s men (the two assassins) had attempted to assassinate KK as well (as shown at the start of the film); but, following KK’s accident, they withdrew.

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When the cops arrive at the safehouse, KK and Vasu force to flee. Vasu falsely accuse of Kalpana’s murder, making him a wanted man. The cops pursue the couple across the city, but they are unable to apprehend them. Vasu begs KK to save his wife, and KK agrees. Vasu discovers that Aatirah’s abductor was KK’s younger brother, Nanda. KK collaborates with his allies and prepares a plan to save Aatirah. Makaio corner by KK, who orders him to create a distraction to distract Vincent before murdering him for his treason. Meanwhile, Aatirah apprehend by the police under Vincent’s supervision; he intends to murder her after killing Vasu.

The next day, KK executes his plan: he and his friends arrange major robberies around the city and have the perpetrators caught by Vincent’s police department, causing havoc at his police station. Vincent leaves to see Makaio, just as KK had predicted (as part of the diversion). With Vincent out of the way, KK and Vasu disguise themselves as police officials and attempt to get into Vincent’s safe, which has the film of the industrialist’s murder. Annie, Vincent’s partner, tries to assassinate Aatirah. Vasu renders her unconscious, but not before she injures Aatirah. When Vincent learns of Makaio’s death, he becomes enraged.


He gets into a battle with KK and the latter knocks him unconscious. KK obtains the pen drive holding the assassination film and implants it in Vasu, who has apprehend by Catherine. She finds the pen drive in Vasu’s pocket and plays it, exposing Vincent’s illicit activities, and he imprison. Vasu is let go and led to the hospital where Aatirah being treat for a miscarriage. She had a healthy daughter and enjoys an emotional reunion with Vasu, while KK quietly leaves after exacting his retribution.

Vasu and Aatirah uncover Vincent’s death under unexplained circumstances while on parole seven years later, on the birthday of Vasu’s daughter. They also get a present from KK, which contains a necklace that formerly belonged to Aatirah, suggesting that KK was the one who murdered Vincent.


Vikram Strikes Again.

Vikram’s absence is felt. The first part of the film moves slowly. Once he’s on track, the movie enters the experiment Way mode. You will learn how innocent people harm as a result of wicked individuals. There is a Humanity that includes terrible individuals. The film comes to a touching conclusion. The use of background music is ineffective. The story should be compelling enough to keep Vikram interested. Thriller and average blockbuster…


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