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07 Oct 2022

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla 480p 720p

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Genius is a 2018 Indian action thriller movie directed by Anil Sharma in the Hindustani language. Utkarsh Sharma makes his acting debut after appearing as a child actor in Sharma’s 2001 films Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and Ishita Chauhan. Ayesha Jhulka, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakraborty, and Malti Chahar play supporting parts in the film.

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Details – Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Movie: Genius

Rating: 5.3 / 10

Banner: Anil Sharma Productions, Soham Rockstar Entertainment

Actors: Utkarsh Sharma, Ishita Chauhan, Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Jhulka, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and others

Music: Himesh Reshammiya, Monty Sharma

Cinematographer: Najeeb Khan

Art: Bijon Das Gupta

Editor: Ashfaq Makrani

Producer: Deepak Mukut, Anil Sharma, K. C. Sharma, Kamal Mukut

Script and direction: Ashfaq Makrani

Release DATE: 24 August 2018

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

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More Details about the Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Vasudev Shastri, a brilliant RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent, is labeled incompetent after failing to complete a vital task and becomes too injured to work again. Nandini, his life’s love, consoles him later as he sits depressed beside a park. The film then flashes back to Vasudev Shastri (Utkarsh Sharma), a topper yet the charming man who arrives at IIT where the second ranker, Nandini Chauhan (Ishitha Chauhan), decides to make his life a living hell out of jealousy. She despises him constantly, but Vasu (Vasudev Shastri) always manages to outsmart her. He has part-time work with RAW, where he uses his hacking skills, in addition to being the nice “genius” around the school.

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla


RAW special agent Vasudev alias Vasu Shastri (Utkarsh Sharma) is left disabled after a botched mission in Porbandar. But the man still has patriotism in his veins, to the point when he rides a bicycle with a limping foot after a moving convoy to correct an upside-down tricolor on a politician’s automobile. Vasu resolves to take matters into his own hands after being labeled “incompetent” by his superiors and fulfill his unfinished job.

Nandini unwillingly approaches Vasu the day before her IIT final test for help with a theorem. Vasu tells Nandini that he has been in love with her for a long time. When Nandini hears this, she devises a devious scheme to give Vasu sleeping drugs so that he will be unable to attend the exam the next day. Vasu, on the other hand, outsmarts her yet again and beats her to the exam hall. Vasu isn’t furious with her at all; instead, he assists her with an unforeseen snag and smiles as he walks away after finishing his work. Nandini learns on the day of the results that Vasu had purposefully filed a blank paper for her to win. Nandini falls madly in love with him after seeing his dedication to love, geeta govindam but she keeps it a secret and sails out to the United States for her dream career.


Nandini had taken a leave of absence from her employment to return to India and care for Vasu. Nandini brings Vasu to her Puducherry home, where her mother is pleasantly surprised to see Nandini (who had never prioritized personal ties before her job) make significant sacrifices for Vasu’s well-being. Vasu and Nandini have several amorous moments, but their joy is fleeting as Vasu begins to have hallucinations about his failed mission.

Nandini, befuddled, seeks to take Vasu to the United States for treatment. Vasu declines and tells Nandini about his failed mission, following which he goes on the hunt for MRS (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), the mastermind of ISI in India and the primary objective of his failed operation. Soon after, it is revealed that Vasu staged all of the hallucinations to track out his adversaries. He kills everyone who aided MRS one by one. MRS, on the other hand, notices Vasudev’s reappearance and plans to kill him at a masquerade party.

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Fantastic Film from the latest cast…

It’s a charming love story with a Bollywood flavor. The direction is excellent. In today’s movies, we rarely hear the background music. It’s just too beautiful. You’ll get enamored with music. The story moves at a sluggish pace, but it is wonderful. The second half, on the other hand, is brisk. If you’ve been booted and want to see a new story, this is a must-see.

Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Conclusion – Genius Full Movie Download Fimlyzilla

Vasu saves himself at the masquerade ball, but he injures again. Nandini sobs as she sees Vasu’s deplorable state. MRS, who was discreetly watching them, seizes the opportunity and kidnaps Nandini. Soon after, RAW’s senior members acknowledge his abilities. Vasu locates Nandini with the assistance of RAW, saves Mathura from a massive blast, and eventually kills MRS by drowning him in the river. He is praised by all of RAW’s members. He and Nandini share a great hug towards the end of the movie.

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