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Andhadhun full Movie

Sriram Raghavan co-wrote and directed the 2018 Indian Hindi-language black comedy criminal thriller Andhadhun, which was produced by Matchbox Pictures and distributed by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. Tabu, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Radhika Apte appear in the film, which follows a blind piano pianist who becomes unknowingly involved in the murder of a former film actor.

Details about andhadhun Full Movie

Movie: Andhadhun

Rating: 8.2 /10

Banner: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Matchbox Pictures

Performers: Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, Radhika Apte, and others

Music: Daniel B. George

Cinematographer: K. U. Mohanan

Art: Amrish Patange, Dayanidhi Patturajan

Editor: Pooja Ladha Surti

Producer: Sudhanshu Vats, Ajit Andhare, Gaurav Nanda, Ashok Vasodia, Kewal Garg, Sanjay Routray, Odette Mayfair-Joy

Direction: Sriram Raghavan

Written: Arijit Biswas, Yogesh Chandekar

Release DATE: 5 October 2018

Budget: ₹32 crore

Box office: ₹456 crore

Andhadhun full movie watch in 123movies

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Akash Sarraf is a brilliant pianist who pretends to be blind to hone his skills. Sophie knocks him down as he crosses the street. Sophie looks after Akash, and the two quickly develop a romantic bond. she is so taken with Akash’s talent that she secures him a job at her father’s diner. Pramod Sinha, a retired actor, observes Akash in the café and invites him to perform for his wedding anniversary. When Akash arrives at the Sinhas’ apartment, Pramod’s wife Simi greets him. Simi, sure that Akash is deafening. Akash notices Pramod’s body nearby but pretends not to notice and continues to play; he also notices Simi’s paramour, Manohar, hiding in the bathroom. While Akash plays, Simi and Manohar clean the body and place it in a suitcase.

Story Lines

Akash, a blind pianist, is getting ready for a concert in London. Sophie’s scooter collides with Akash, and upon discovering that he is a pianist, she invites him to work at Franco’s, her father’s restaurant. At the restaurant, Akash encounters 70s actor Pramod Sinha, who invites him to perform a private concert of his songs at his home to surprise his wife Simi. When Akash returns home the next day, he is greeted with a surprise.

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When Akash goes to the police station to report the murder, he learns that Manohar is a cop. Simi overhears Mrs. D’Sa, her elderly next-door neighbor, discussing Pramod’s murder with a police officer. Mrs. D’Sa is eventually killed by Simi throwing her off their apartment’s ledge. Even though Akash is aware of the murder, he is compelled to continue pretending to be blind. Later, after her husband’s funeral rituals, Simi prepares toxic offerings for him and draws a revolver, Akash admits to faking his blindness as a test to improve his piano playing. He swears he’ll go to London and preserve Simi’s secret, but she gives him a drug.

Suspicious of Akash’s blindness, a neighbor’s child records and shows Sophie a video of Akash completely sighted. Simi sets up the scene so that it appears that she and Akash are having sex as Sophie enters. Sophie flees Akash, enraged and heartbroken. He finds he has been blinded by the medicine Simi gave him as he wakes up. Manohar arrives at Akash’s house to murder him. Akash barely makes it out alive, but he passes out after colliding with a telephone pole.


Akash awakens in a clinic that is illegally harvesting organs. When Akash admits he possesses information that can make them millions, Dr. Swami and his assistants Murli and Sakhu decide to spare him. Simi is kidnapped, a suicide scene is staged, and Manohar is blackmailed. Murli and Sakhu, on the other hand, double-cross Akash, entangle him with Simi, and intend to steal the money for themselves. Manohar shoots Murli, but gets stuck in an elevator and shoots and kills himself.

The money turns out to be a forgery. Simi assists Akash in releasing him, and he takes off Simi’s blindfold. Simi frees herself and attacks him while he attempts to flee. After a brief fight, Dr. Swami and Akash knock Simi out, tie her up in the trunk of a car, and drive away. Dr. Swami discloses that Simi has a rare blood type and that her organs would fetch millions of dollars; he also intends to utilize her corneas to help Akash regain his sight.

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Dr. Swami stops the car to murder Simi when she wakes up in the boot and starts making noise, but she overcomes him and seizes the steering wheel. Dr. Swami is still driving, so Akash tries to persuade him to let Simi go. She abandons Akash and attempts to run him over. When a farmer attempting to kill a hare misses, the hare jumps and lands on the windshield. Simi loses control of the vehicle and dies as a result.

Sophie runs across Akash, who appears to be blind, two years later during a show in Kraków. Sophie informs Akash that he should have accepted Dr. Swami’s offer to restore his sight as well as a portion of the ten million dollar prize money after he tells her the complete tale. Akash walks away quietly, using his cane to knock a can out of his way.


Blind Leading the Blinder…

This could be just what you’ve been waiting for to blindside, blindfold, and insight you. Full of right angles, u-turns, contradictions, and deception – and occasionally requiring a few leaps of faith to overcome some of the slightly incredulous events and scenarios – they’re all forgivable, as the story’s originality and unique nature grabs your attention and signs seals and delivers a climax for you to work out and interpret with your Innervisions.

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