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03 Dec 2022
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8 Smoking Accessories You Need to Buy for a Great Experience

Many things go into a perfect smoking session, but choosing the right accessory contributes to a memorable experience. According to statistics, almost 200 million people smoke pot worldwide.

A rolling tray, grinder and many more can lead to a complete smoking experience. If you’re looking for the best smoking involvement, be sure to check out these eight accessories available in the market.

 A Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is required for a professional rolling experience. It allows you to measure your ingredients easily and carry them around in one place without losing anything.

There are different rolling trays, including wood, metal, and leather. While all three types are effective, you should consider the type of stuff you’ll be consuming.

If you’re looking for something modest that won’t cost an arm and a leg, go with wood or metal because they are durable yet affordable. However, if you’re planning to do a lot of smoking, a leather rolling tray is the most expensive and durable.

 A Grinder

As you most likely already know, a grinder is used to break up plant matter into smaller pieces and easier to roll. Though some smokers prefer not to use it, most smokers swear by the grinder.

Grinders should be made from zinc alloy, aluminum, or magnesium because they are strong and long-lasting materials.

Grinders come in all sizes and colors so take your time to choose one that fits you best. You can even find grinders with different teeth patterns and shapes.

 A Stash Box

A stash box is faultless for those who like to carry around their goods. Stash boxes are made from different materials and come in various shapes and sizes.

If you don’t like the thought of using a rolling tray or can’t because you’re on the go, then you need to purchase a stash box. They act as a pill container, but they’re designed to hold all your materials and tools.

They come in three shapes: rectangular, square, and cylindrical. They also come in two finishes: wood and metal. Wood stash boxes are made from natural wood, while metal ones range from steel to gold-plated variants. Choose the shape and substantial that best fits your needs and budget.

 Pipe Cleaners

When getting ready to smoke, the last thing you want is your pipe not working correctly. To prevent this, you need to invest in some good pipe cleaners. They’re mainly used for cleaning out the inside of a steamroller or water pipe.

You usually use them one of two ways: wet or dry. If you use them wet, you usually first drip some drops of iso alcohol onto the cleaner. Then, it would help if you ran it through the pipe until the debris fell out. If you use them dry, push it through your pipe until all the stuck-on gunk comes off.

 A Torch Lighter

A torch lighter is a popular choice for many smokers. It’s a handheld device that quickly heats your smoking product to the desired temperature.

Torch lighters use butane as fuel, and they come in three different types: single flame, double flame, and triple-flame.

A single flame is best when you smoke alone or with another person. A double flame works best if you smoke with two or three people, and a triple flame is ideal if you’re smoking with four or more people.

 An Ash Catcher

One of the most overlooked smoking accessories out there is an ash catcher.

Ash catchers are typically used for water pipes and steamrollers to keep the inside of the pipe clean and fresh.

To use it, you can either pour water over the top or let the water drip down from the stem. If you go with a wooden ash catcher, set it on your steamroller for a cleaner look.

 Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes are probably the most used smoking accessory. If you’re using a metal or wood rolling tray, alcohol wipes are essential to keep the tray clean. All you have to do is wipe depressed your table with an alcohol wipe before and after use. You want to avoid using paper towels because bits of paper can potentially get stuck in your pipe or ruin your rolling paper.

 Rolling Tray Mat

A rolling tray mat is used to keep your smoking area clean. It does this by catching loose plant matter that falls off the rolling paper as you’re trying to roll it.

Though they’re not mandatory, most smokers prefer using them over flat surfaces. You can invest in one that’s made of rubber or silicone because these materials are flexible, durable, and easy to clean. Additionally, you can find mats made from glass or metal.

 Tip Cards

When the time comes for you to share your smoking products with friends, it never hurts to have some tip cards on hand. Most of them come pre-printed with common names of different smoking products, but you can also make personalized ones.


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